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Flowers are blooming, especially here at Lite!

This new space is perfect for everything spring brings, from graduation photos to capturing Mother’s Day memories, we’ve got the place for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about the optimal time to capture the magic of natural light in our Draper, UT studio? With east and west-facing windows, we’ve got a unique dance of shadows and sunshine throughout the day.
In the morning, as the sun rises in the east, you can catch those first soft rays gently illuminating the studio, perfect for a warm, natural look. The best time for this soft eastern light is from sunrise until approximately 10am. During these hours, the studio bathes in a diffuse, even light that’s ideal for portraits and soft-focus photography.
From 10am to 2pm, the sun is higher in the sky, and the light becomes more neutral. This is the time when the light is evenly distributed, without strong biases from either side, offering a balanced lighting situation that’s suitable for a variety of photography styles.
As the afternoon progresses, the west windows start to come alive. Starting around 2pm, the light begins to warm again, offering a golden hue that’s excellent for high-contrast, dramatic shots. The light peaks through the west-facing windows, casting dynamic shadows that can add depth and texture to your photographs. If you’re looking to capture that golden hour glow, schedule your session between 4pm and sunset.
Please note, on overcast days, the light is generally softer and more diffused throughout the day, which can be ideal for shoots requiring minimal shadows. No matter the time of day, our studio offers options for controlling and manipulating light, including diffusers and black-out capabilities, to ensure you can achieve the desired effect for your project.

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